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Automated Tape LIbraries

Automated Solutions for Data Backup, Archive and Disaster Recovery

Your Needs:
I.T. personnel already have enough to worry about without having to wonder whether their company's critical data is safe. An automated backup solution that's fast, reliable, cost-effective and upgradable lets them stop worrying about backup and start devoting more time to other important I.T. tasks.

Our Solutions:
Since 1989, we've been helping customers solve their data backup, archive, and disaster recovery needs by providing automated storage solutions such as tape libraries, SAN, NAS and RAID. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you choose an automated disk-based or tape-based solution that's fast, reliable, and well within your company's budget.

FREE Lifetime Tech Support:
We provide free lifetime tech support on every product that we sell. This means that when the manufacturer's complementary tech-support period runs out, we'll continue to be there for you... free of charge.

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NEW! Qualstar TeraLoader™ Series
TeraLoader can be populated with AIT-3, LTO-2 or SAIT tape drives for storage capacities up to 20.8 terabytes... all within a compact, 5U rack enclosure.

NEW! Overland Reo 1000
Overland's newest rack-mountable, low-cost, disk-based backup solution is perfect for small businesses, or for larger businesses with remote data-storage locations...

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